Doğan İnşaat

Areas of Expertise

After long years of experience in this sector, we have focused on some specific fields in order to achieve specialization in some fields of heavy industrys. Besides, we are ready and available to provide our services in the sectors, which we already have frequent operations, such as petrochemical facilities, refinery complexes, LPG, LNG plants; with our experienced and talented management and technical staff and high-tech equipments.

Listed below are our prioritized fields of activity within our expertise.

  • Full Unit Assembly
 • Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Storage Facilities
 • Liquid Petroleum Gass (LPG) Storage and Distribution Plants
 • Steam Generation Plants (Boiler Works)
 • Storage Tanks
 • Distillation Columns
 • Underground, Aboveground Pipelines
 • Sandblasting, Painting and Insulation Services